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The Surprising Causes of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Posted on January 26th, 2012 by comadm  |  8 Comments »

Vitamin B12 can only be found in in animal food sources, such as meat, fish, milk, and dairy products. This is why strict vegetarians and vegans are among the most at risk to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency. “It’s true if you’re over 50 or a vegan/vegetarian, your chances of being vitamin B12 deficient are […]


Novel Tea: 100% Organic Hibiscus Extract in a Spray

Posted on January 8th, 2012 by comadm  |  3 Comments »

A new Mercola product can now let you drink the beverage of choice of Egyptian pharaohs in a few easy sprays. Steeped in tradition, hibiscus tea is made from the hibiscus flower. There are over 200 species of hibiscus. The hibiscus plant is a shrubby tropical plant that produces flowers with reddish-purple centers. The deep […]


The Benefits of ‘Green’ Cookware

Posted on November 30th, 2011 by comadm  |  6 Comments »

If you’re a firm believer of green living, the household and personal care products you use are a good reflection of your philosophy. Dr. Joseph Mercola says that we cannot, after all, “fulfill our own end goals without ensuring that we live in a good environment: pollution-free, with healthy ozone life, and liberated from heavy […]


Purple Defense: The Benefits of Wine in a Natural Supplement

Posted on October 30th, 2011 by comadm  |  7 Comments »

Resveratrol, considered by some Harvard-bred researchers as a “miracle ingredient,” is naturally found in the skin and seeds of grapes. While this compound is currently enjoyed straight from the grapevine or from tasty red wine, a natural supplement like Dr. Mercola’s Purple Defense now offers in a natural whole food supplement.* Natural health expert Dr. […]


Coconut Oil: A Potential Diabetes Fighter

Posted on September 30th, 2011 by comadm  |  6 Comments »

Despite the prevailing vilification of saturated fats by profiteering “health oil” companies today, Pacific Island populations have been shown in studies to get 30 to 60 percent of their total caloric intake from fully saturated coconut oil and have nearly non-existent rates of cardiovascular disease and outstanding overall health. Did you know that the coconut […]

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